Bodegón 1

Film Essay (Short) & Video Installation
Bodegón performs a trans-Baroque (mis)appropriation of the pictorial genre of the bodegón (or still life), which emerged in the 17th century alongside the merchant bourgeoisie, to trace a constellation of histories of violence, dispossession and colonization that shaped (and shape) global commerce.

The piece comprises a series of five essays that work both together and individually. Each essay studies the migration processes of an object: oranges, pineapples, feathers, poppies and corn. Seen together, they trace a bodegón that spans more than a thousand years, going from China to Europe and passing through Latin America, the Caribbean and the United States.

Film essay
Directed and produced by UMD
2022 // 17’ // HD video (color, sound)

Screened at:
- 29º FICValdivia, Parallel Program, 10.2022
- Todolí Citrus Foundation, Magiae Naturalis, 09.2023

Video installation
Produced by UMD with General Expenses
2022 // Projection, sculpture, drapes, seating, booklet

Presented at:
General Expenses, Mexico City, 06-07.2022

Written by UMD with curatorial text by Guillermo Santamarina
2022 // 15 pages